Altintas Kardesler Holding is a well-established and innovative organization operating in a wide range of businesses. Our holding specializes in various sectors such as construction, tourism, petroleum, building materials, concrete, cement, wedding venues, marble, and more. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality services.

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The Name You Trust in Your Journey Since 1986.

Altintas Kardesler

Altintas Kardesler

Altintas Kardesler

Reliable Roots

Altintas Kardesler has had a solid history in the industry since 1986. Our customers prefer us for our reliability and strong foundations.

Miscellaneous Services

Altintas Kardesler offers a wide range of services in construction, tourism, petroleum, building materials, and many other fields.

Quality and Innovation

Altintas Kardesler prioritizes quality. We continuously strive to improve ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction.